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Free & Personalized Placement Assistance for Dementia & Alzheimer's Patients

Have a Certified Dementia Practitioner find memory care services in Houston, TX, perfectly suited for your loved one.

Memory Care Services in Houston, TX

The Complete Difference

Complete Dementia Solutions

Right Location the First Time

We are experts in conducting Consumer Research for memory care locations. We have vetted each location and we don’t play favorites. After you complete the online quiz and have an in-depth conversation with a Certified Dementia Practitioner, we will help you find the right memory care services in Houston, TX.

Complete Dementia Solutions

Identifying Your Needs

We thoroughly look at your needs, preferences, location and current financial considerations, to give you the best solution.

Complete Dementia Solutions

Reduce Monthly Costs

We check all areas beforehand for you and will suggest the one that suits you the best. We help you lower your costs by using professionals in each of the following areas - veteran assistance, long term health insurance, reverse mortgages, banking, real estate, etc.

At Complete Dementia solutions, we are a one-stop-shop for all these questions. Here we do it right the first time.

Complete Dementia Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

Complete Dementia Solutions is helping many caretakers in dire, extremely stressful and hopeless situations. We gently guide you to the best solutions. If you are in the shoes of a caretaker for those suffering with dementia. We understand and would be happy to help you today.

​Experience for yourself why over 99% of our clients say they would recommend ​Complete Dementia Solutions to friends and family.

For Families in Houston

People searching for assistance with memory care placement in Houston are extremely fortunate to have access to the Complete Dementia Solutions team. We are completely focused on providing families with exceptional memory care services in Houston, TX.

Amazingly, we do this free of charge for families.

We will compassionately guide families through the entire process of finding the right memory care facility, the first time around. We do this based upon an assessment of the individual’s health, needs and financial standing.

Staff at Complete Dementia Solutions

Our staff are well-versed in memory care therapies and support solutions.

Benefits Include

  • Certified dementia practitioners.
  • Passionate for their work.
  • Knowledgeable in this field, including all associated paperwork.
  • Familiar with and understand memory care communities.
  • Familiar with local doctors, care homes and services relevant to supporting a person with dementia.
  • Familiar with insurance, veteran’s benefits, and ways to find the lowest costs from facilities to secure the best possible care within any budget, as low as $2000.
  • Familiar with which questions to ask and which “warning flags” to look for when choosing the right facility.
  • Honest, trustworthy and full of integrity.
  • Communicative.
  • Compassionate and professional.
  • Empathetic and loving towards those in need of direction.
  • Eager to take the burden off the family’s plate from day one and through the entire process of finding the right placement.

At Complete Dementia Solutions, our services are always free and always conducted by certified dementia practitioners.

Phone Consultation Services

Customers receive all-round support by means of our phone consultation service.

Benefits Include

  • Determination of finances with area costs.
  • Customers can consult and explore ways to pay for memory care such as long term health insurance, veterans’ benefits, social security, savings, reverse mortgage, or selling real estate.
  • Find placement for the caregiving spouse, if applicable.
  • Helps in determining which facilities to tour.
  • Provides specialization in memory care that can’t be found with other placement companies.
  • Ongoing consultation services include a periodic check to ensure secured placement. The check will happen periodically to ensure everything is still going as smoothly as possible and whether needs have changed. If needs have evolved, they will work with the family to revise the plan.
Complete Dementia Solutions

We proudly work with Veteran assistance, we can aid with the paperwork and have specialists on staff that have a bountiful amount of information and knowledge.

Complete Dementia Solutions

What Other Companies See as Extras, We Include as the Solution.

From our thorough community screening process to our extensive training and matching program, you can be assured that the memory care services your loved one receives in Houston, TX, are the best in the industry.


"To whom it may concern:

This letter is to commend Mr. Brendan Shannon, who is the CEO of Complete Dementia Solutions here in Houston, Texas. After hearing him speak at a gathering of family members held at a church in my area, I asked if I could speak with him afterward as my husband was showing all the signs of dementia and I was at a loss as to what to do or where to begin seeking help. He gave me his business card and told me to contact him the following day! I called him the next day and he came to my home and met with me to begin preparations for seeking a solution for what has proven to be dementia in my husband. He has worked diligently with me from that day forward to seek benefits from the Veterans Administration to several assisted-living and memory care facilities, never once tiring of searching for the home that I want to place my loved one in. I had called other memory care services here in Houston, TX; however, they failed to show me personal care as I sought help in my quest for answers. Brendan is a fully dedicated, patient, and caring individual who has lived this trial firsthand and shares his personal experiences and expertise and I highly recommend him and his services."

- Mrs. Joy Hundley

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